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Fuel Injection Hose SAE 30R9

Fuel Injection 30R9 200x200


Designed specifically for auto and truck fuel injection systems. Goodyear EP SAE 30R9 is CARB approved (C-U-06-011) with a maximum fuel permeation of 15 gm/m2/day at 40˚C.

Specific Fuel:   

Gasoline, ethanol extended gasoline, oxidized sour gas, diesel fuel, biodiesel, lubrication oil.

Fuel Injection 30R9 Construction



Tube: Blue Fluoroelastomer/Nitrile (Discontinued)
           Black Fluoroelastomer/Nitrile (Effective 2010)

Reinforcement: Aramid Spiral

Cover: Black Hypalon* (CSM)


Temperature Range: -29 to 275 °F (-34° to 135°C) Intermittent use at 302 °F (150 °C)

SAE Specifications: SAE J30R9

USCG Specifications: NA

Goodyear EP Specification: 580200

Length: See table below. 1.5' (clamshell), 25' (spool), 25' (reel), 50' (carton)

Branding: Goodyear ID" (mm) Fuel Injection Hose SAE J30R9 Country of Origin

Installation: See selection of Goodyear EP clamps and connectors

WARNING: Do not submerse in gasoline.


Part NumberID (in)OD (in)Lengths (ft)Working Pressure (PSI)Burst Pressure (PSI)Min Bend Radius(in)Vacuum HG(in)Weight (lb/ft)
651481/4.501.5max 1009000.75240.10
651511/4.5025max 1009000.75240.10
653011/4.50250max 1009000.84240.10
651495/16.561.5max 1009000.84240.12
651525/16.5625max 1009000.94240.12
653025/16.56250max 1009000.94240.12
651503/8.631.5max 1009000.94240.14
651533/8.6325max 1009000.94240.14
653033/8.63250max 1009000.94240.14
651641/2.8050max 1009002.00240.16

*Hypalon is registered by DuPont Dow Elastomers, LLC.

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